Treasury of Truth: Illustrated Dhammapada

Treasury of Truth

Illustrated Dhammapada


Ven . Weragoda Sarada Maha Thero


Verse 1. Suffering Follows The Evil-Doer

Verse 2. Happiness Follows The Doer of Good

Verse 3. Uncontrolled Hatred Leads to Harm

Verse 4. Overcoming Anger

Verse 5. Hatred is Overcome Only by Non-hatred

Verse 6. Recollection of Death Brings Peace

Verse 7. Laziness Defeats Spirituality

Verse 8. Spiritual Strength is Undefeatable

Verse 9. Those Who Do Not Deserve the Stained Robe

Verse 10. The Virtuous Deserve the Stained Robe

Verse 11. False Values Bar Spiritual Progress

Verse 12. Truth Enlightens

Verse 13. Lust Penetrates Untrained Mind

Verse 14. The Disciplined Mind Keeps Lust Away

Verse 15. Sorrow Springs From Evil Deeds

Verse 16. Good Deeds Bring Happiness

Verse 17. Evil Action Leads to Torment

Verse 18. Virtuous Deeds Make One Rejoice

Verse 19. Fruits of Religious Life Through Practice

Verse 20. Practice Ensures Fulfilment

Verse 21. Freedom Is Difficult

Verse 22. Freedom Is Difficult

Verse 23. Freedom Is Difficult

Verse 24. Glory Of The Mindful Increase

Verse 25. Island Against Floods

Verse 26. Treasured Mindfulness

Verse 27. Meditation Leads To Bliss

Verse 28. The Sorrowless View The World

Verse 29. The Mindful One Is Way Ahead Of Others

Verse 30. Mindfulness Made Him Chief Of Gods

Verse 31. The Heedful Advance

Verse 32. The Heedful Advances To Nibbana

Verse 33. The Wise Person Straightens The Mind

Verse 34. The Fluttering Mind

Verse 35. Restrained Mind Leads To Happiness

Verse 36. Protected Mind Leads To Happiness

Verse 37. Death’s Snare Can Be Broken By Tamed Mind

Verse 38. Wisdom Does Not Grow If the Mind Wavers

Verse 39. The Wide-Awake Is Unfrightened

Verse 40. Weapons To Defeat Death

Verse 41. Without The Mind, Body Is Worthless

Verse 42. All Wrong Issue Out Of Evil Mind

Verse 43. Well-Trained Mind Excels People

Verse 44. The Garland-Maker

Verse 45. The Seeker Understands

Verse 46. Who Conquers Death

Verse 47. Pleasure Seeker Is Swept Away

Verse 48. Attachment To Senses If Folly

Verse 49. The Monk In The Village

Verse 50. Look Inwards And Not At Others

Verse 51. Good Words Attract Only Those Who Practice

Verse 52. Good Words Profit Only Those Who Practise

Verse 53. Those Born Into This World Must Acquire Much Merit

Verse 54. Fragrance of Virtue Spreads Everywhere

Verse 55. Fragrance Of Virtue Is The Sweetest Smell

Verse 56. Fragrance Of Virtue Wafts To Heaven

Verse 57. Death Cannot Trace The Path Of Arahats

Verse 58. Lotus Is Attractive Though In A Garbage Heap

Verse 59. Arahats Shine Wherever They Are

Verse 60. Samsara Is Long To The Ignorant

Verse 61. Do Not Associate With The Ignorant

Verse 62. Ignorance Brings Suffering

Verse 63. Know Reality Be Wise

Verse 64. The Ignorant Cannot Benefit From The Wise

Verse 65. Profit From The Wise

Verse 66. A Sinner Is One’s Own Foe

Verse 67. Do What Brings Happiness

Verse 68. Happiness Results From Good Deeds

Verse 69. Sin Yields Bitter Results

Verse 70. The Unconditioned Is The Highest Achievement

Verse 71. Sin Is Like Sparks Of Fire Hidden In Ashes

Verse 72. The Knowledge Of The Wicked Splits His Head

Verse 73. Desire For Pre-Eminence

Verse 74. The Ignorant are Ego-Centred

Verse 75. Path To Liberation

Verse 76. Treasure The Advice Of The Wise

Verse 77. The Virtuous Cherish Good Advice

Verse 78. In The Company Of The Virtuous

Verse 79. Living Happily In The Dhamma

Verse 80. The Wise Control Themselves

Verse 81. The Wise Are Steadfast

Verse 82. The Wise Are Happy

Verse 83. The Wise Are Tranquil

Verse 84. The Wise Live Correctly

Verse 85. A Few Reach The Other Shore

Verse 86. Those Who Follow The Dhamma Are Liberated

Verse 87. Liberation Through Discipline

Verse 88. Purify Your mind

Verse 89. Arahats Are Beyond Worldliness

Verse 90. Passion’s Fever Gone

Verse 91. Saints Are Non-Attached

Verse 92. Blameless Is The Nature Of Saints

Verse 93. Arahat’s State Cannot Be Traced

Verse 94. The Gods Adore Arahats

Verse 95. Arahats Are Noble

Verse 96. The Tranquillity Of The Saints

Verse 97. Exalted Are The Unblemished

Verse 98. Dwelling Of The Unblemished Is Alluring

Verse 99. The Passionless Delight In Forests

Verse 100. One Pacifying Word Is Noble

Verse 101. One Useful Verse Is Better Than A Thousand Useless Verses

Verse 102. A Dhamma-Word Is Noble

Verse 103. Self-Conquest Is The Highest Victory

Verse 104. Victory Over Oneself Is Unequalled

Verse 105. Victory Over Self Cannot Be Undone

Verse 106. The Greatest Offering

Verse 107. Even Brief Adoration Of An Arahat Is Fruitful

Verse 108. Worshipping An Unblemished Individual Is Noble

Verse 109. Saluting Venerables Yields Four Benefits

Verse 110. Virtuous Life Is Noble

Verse 111. A Wise One’s Life Is Great

Verse 112. The Person Of Effort Is Worthy

Verse 113. Who Knows Reality Is Great

Verse 114. The Seer Of The Deathless Is A Worthy One

Verse 115. Life Of One Who Knows The Teaching is Noble

Verse 116. Never Hesitate To Do Good

Verse 117. Do No Evil Again And Again

Verse 118. Accumulated Merit Leads To Happiness

Verse 119. Evil Seems Sweet Until It Ripens

Verse 120. Good May Seem Bad Until Good Mature

Verse 121. Take Not Evil Lightly

Verse 122. Merit Grows Little By Little

Verse 123. Shun Evil As Poison

Verse 124. Evil Results From Bad Intentions

Verse 125. Wrong Done To Others Returns To Doer

Verse 126. Those Who Pass Away

Verse 127. Shelter Against Death

Verse 128. No Escape From Death

Verse 129. Of Others Think Of As Your Own Self

Verse 130. To All Life Is Dear

Verse 131. Those Who Do Not Receive Happiness

Verse 132. Those Who Do Not Receive Happiness

Verse 133. Retaliation Brings Unhappiness

Verse 134. Tranquillity Should Be Preserved

Verse 135. Decay And Death Terminate Life

Verse 136. Results Of Evil Torment The Ignorant

Verse 137. The Evil Results of Hurting The Pious

Verse 138. Evil Results Of Hurting Harmless Saints

Verse 139. Harming The Holy Is Disastrous

Verse 140. Woeful States In The Wake Of Evil Doing

Verse 141. Practices That Will Not Lead To Purity

Verse 142. Costumes Do Not Mar Virtue

Verse 143. Avoid Evil Through Shame

Verse 144. Effort Is Necessary To Avoid Suffering

Verse 145. Those Who Restrain Their Own Mind

Verse 146. One Pacifying Word Is Noble

Verse 147. Behold The True Nature Of The Body

Verse 148. Life Ends In Death

Verse 149. A Sight That Stops Desire

Verse 150. The Body Is A City Of Bones

Verse 151. Buddha’s Teaching Never Decays

Verse 152. Body Fattens – Mind Does Not

Verse 153. Seeing The Builder of The House

Verse 154. Thy Building Material Is Broken

Verse 155. Regrets In Old Age

Verse 156. Nostalgia For Past Glory

Verse 157. Safeguard Your Own Self

Verse 158. Giver Advice While Being Virtuous Yourself

Verse 159. Discipline Yourself Before You Do Others

Verse 160. One Is One’s Best Saviour

Verse 161. The Unwise Person Comes To Grief On His Own

Verse 162. Evil Action Crushes The Doer

Verse 163. Doing Good Unto One’s Own Self Is Difficult

Verse 164. The Wicked Are Self-Destructive

Verse 165. Purity, Impurity Self-Created

Verse 166. Help Others – But Promote One’s Own Good

Verse 167. Do Not Cultivate The Worldly

Verse 168. The Righteous Are Happy – Here And Hereafter

Verse 169. Behave According To The Teaching

Verse 170. Observe The Impermanence Of Life

Verse 171. The Disciplined Are Not Attached To The Body

Verse 172. The Diligent Illumine The World

Verse 173. Evil Is Overcome By Good

Verse 174. Without Eye of Wisdom, This World Is Blind

Verse 175. The Wise Travel Beyond The Worldly

Verse 176. A Liar Can Commit Any Crime

Verse 177. Happiness Through Partaking In Good Deeds

Verse 178. Being Stream-Winner Is Supreme

Verse 179. The Buddha Cannot Be Tempted

Verse 180. The Buddha Cannot Be Brought Under Sway

Verse 181. Gods And Men Adore The Buddha

Verse 182. Four Rare Opportunities

Verse 183. The Instructions Of The Buddha

Verse 184. Patience Is A Great Ascetic Virtue

Verse 185. Noble Guidelines

Verse 186. Sensual Pleasures Never Satiated

Verse 187. Shun Worldly Pleasures

Verse 188. Fear Stricken Masses

Verse 189. Those Refuges Do Not Help

Verse 190. Seeing Four Noble Truths

Verse 191. The Noble Path

Verse 192. The Refuge That Ends All Suffering

Verse 193. Rare Indeed Is Buddha’s Arising

Verse 194. Four Factors of Happiness

Verse 195. Worship Those Who Deserve Adoration

Verse 196. Worship Brings Limitless Merit

Verse 197. Happiness

Verse 198. Without Sickness Among The Sick

Verse 199. Not Anxious Among The Anxious

Verse 200. Happily They Live – Undefiled

Verse 201. Happy About Both Victory And Defeat

Verse 202. Happiness Tranquilizes

Verse 203. Worst Disease And Greatest Happiness

Verse 204. Four Supreme Acquisitions

Verse 205. The Free Are The Purest

Verse 206. Pleasant Meetings

Verse 207. Happy Company

Verse 208. The Good And The Wise

Verse 209. Admiration of Self-Seekers

Verse 210. Not Seeing The Liked And Seeing The Unliked Are Both Painful

Verse 211. Not Bound By Ties Of Defilements

Verse 212. The Outcome Of Endearment

Verse 213. Sorrow And Fear Arise Due To Loved Ones

Verse 214. The Outcome Of Passion

Verse 215. The Outcome Of Lust

Verse 216. Sorrow And Fear Arise Due To Miserliness

Verse 217. Beloved Of The Masses

Verse 218. The Person With Higher Urges

Verse 219. The Fruits Of Good Action

Verse 220. Good Actions Lead To Good Results

Verse 221. He Who Is Not Assaulted By Sorrow

Verse 222. The Efficient Charioteer

Verse 223. Four Forms Of Victories

Verse 224. Three Factors Leading To Heaven

Verse 225. Those Harmless One Reach The Deathless

Verse 226. Yearning For Nibbana

Verse 227. There Is No One Who Is Not Blamed

Verse 228. No One Is Exclusively Blamed Or Praised

Verse 229. Person Who Is Always Praise-Worthy

Verse 230. Person Who Is Like Solid Gold

Verse 231. The Person Of Bodily Discipline

Verse 232. Virtuous Verbal Behaviour

Verse 233. Discipline Your Mind

Verse 234. Safeguard The Three Doors

Verse 235. Man At The Door Of Death

Verse 236. Get Immediate Help

Verse 237. In The Presence Of King Of Death

Verse 238. Avoid The Cycle Of Existence

Verse 239. Purify Yourself Gradually

Verse 240. One’s Evil Ruins One’s Own Self

Verse 241. Causes Of Stain

Verse 242. Ignorance Is The Greatest Taint

Verse 243. Ignorance The Worst Taint

Verse 244. The Shameless Life Is Easy

Verse 245. For A Modest Person Life Is Hard

Verse 246. Wrong Deeds To Avoid

Verse 247. Precepts The Lay Person Should Follow

Verse 248. These Precepts Prevent Suffering

Verse 249. The Envious Are Not At Peace

Verse 250. The Unenvious Are At Peace

Verse 251. Craving Is The Worst Flood

Verse 252. Easy To See Are The Faults Of Others

Verse 253. Seeing Others Faults

Verse 254. Nothing Is Eternal Other Than Nibbana

Verse 255. The Buddha Has No Anxiety

Verse 256. The Just And The Impartial Judge Best

Verse 257. Firmly Rooted In The Law

Verse 258. Who Speaks A Lot Is Not Necessarily Wise

Verse 259. Those Who Know Speak Little

Verse 260. Grey Hair Alone Does Not Make An Elder

Verse 261. The Person Full Of Effort Is The True Elder

Verse 262. Who Gives Up Jealousy Is Good-Natured

Verse 263. Who Uproots Evil Is The Virtuous One

Verse 264. Shaven Head Alone Does Not Make A Monk

Verse 265. Who Give Up Evil Is True Monk

Verse 266. One Is Not A Monk Merely By Begging Alms Food

Verse 267. The Holy Life Makes a Monk

Verse 268. Silence Alone Does Not Make A Sage

Verse 269. Only True Wisdom Makes a Sage

Verse 270. True Ariyas Are Harmless

Verse 271. A Monk Should Destroy All Passions

Verse 272. Blemishes Should Be Given Up To Reach Release

Verse 273. The Eight-fold Path Is Best

Verse 274. The Only Path To Purity

Verse 275. The Path To End Suffering

Verse 276. Buddhas Only Shows The Way

Verse 277. Conditioned Things Are Transient

Verse 278. All Component Things Are Sorrow

Verse 279. Everything Is Soul-less

Verse 280. The Lazy Miss The Path

Verse 281. Purify Your Thoughts, Words And Deeds

Verse 282. Way To Increase Wisdom

Verse 283. Shun Passion

Verse 284. Attachment To Women

Verse 285. Path To Peace

Verse 286. The Fear Of Death

Verse 287. Death Takes Away The Attached

Verse 288. No Protection When Needed

Verse 289. The Path To The Deathless

Verse 290. Give Up A Little, Achieve Much

Verse 291. When Anger Does Not Abate

Verse 292. How Blemishes Increase

Verse 293. Mindfulness Of Physical Reality

Verse 294. The Destroyer Who Reaches Nibbana

Verse 295. The ‘Killer’ Who Goes Free

Verse 296. Reflect On The Virtues Of The Buddha

Verse 297. Reflect On The Virtues Of The Dhamma

Verse 298. Reflect On The Virtues Of The Sangha

Verse 299. Reflect On The Real Nature of the Body

Verse 300. Reflect On Harmlessness

Verse 301. The Mind That Takes Delight in Meditation

Verse 302. Samsara – Journey

Verse 303. He Is Honoured Everywhere

Verse 304. The Virtuous Are Seen

Verse 305. Discipline Yourself In Solitude

Verse 306. Liars Suffer Tortures Of Hell

Verse 307. Evil Men Get Born In Bad States

Verse 308. Food Fit For Sinners

Verse 309. The Man Who Covets Another’s Wife

Verse 310. Shun Adultery

Verse 311. Wrong Monastic Life Leads To Bad States

Verse 312. Three Things That Will Not Yield Good Results

Verse 313. Do Merit With Commitment

Verse 314. Good Deeds Never Make You Repent

Verse 315. Guard The Mind

Verse 316. False Beliefs Lead To Hell

Verse 317. Fear And Fearlessness In Wrong Places

Verse 318. Right And Wrong

Verse 319. Right Understanding

Verse 320. The Buddha’s Endurance

Verse 321. The Disciplined Animal

Verse 322. The Most Disciplined Animal

Verse 323. The Right Vehicle To Nibbana

Verse 324. The Bound Elephant

Verse 325. The Slothful, Greedy Sleeper Returns to Samsara, Over and Over

Verse 326. Restrain Mind As A Mahout An Elephant In Rut

Verse 327. The Elephant Mired

Verse 328. Cherish The Company Of The Good

Verse 329. The Lonely Recluse

Verse 330. For The Solitary The Needs Are Few

Verse 331. The Blessed

Verse 332. Blessing To Be An Arahat

Verse 333. Four Forms Of Blessing

Verse 334. The Increase Of Craving

Verse 335. How Craving Increases

Verse 336. Escaping Craving

Verse 337. Uprooting Craving

Verse 338. Craving Uneradicated Brings Suffering Over and Over

Verse 339. Caught In The Currents Of Craving

Verse 340. The Creeper of Craving

Verse 341. Bliss Does Not Come Through Craving

Verse 342. The Bonds That Entrap Men

Verse 343. Nibbana By Shunning Craving

Verse 344. Freed From Craving Runs Back To Craving

Verse 345. Bonds Of Attachment

Verse 346. Bonds Are Strong, But The Wise Get Rid Of Them

Verse 347. Spider Web Of Passion

Verse 348. Reaching The Further Shore

Verse 349. Craving Tightens Bonds

Verse 350. He Cuts Off Bonds Of Mara

Verse 351. The Person Who Has Reached The Goal

Verse 352. The Man Of Great Wisdom

Verse 353. Buddha Is Teacherless

Verse 354. The Conquest Of All Suffering

Verse 355. Wealth Destroys The Ignorant

Verse 356. Those Without The Bane Of Passion

Verse 357. Those Without The Bane Of Ill-Will

Verse 358. Those Without The Bane Of Illusion

Verse 359. Those Without The Bane Of Greed

Verse 360. Sense Discipline

Verse 361. Suffering End With All-Round Discipline

Verse 362. The True Monk

Verse 363. The Ideal Monk

Verse 364. The Monk Abides in Dhamma

Verse 365. Accept What One Receives

Verse 366. The Gods Adore Virtuous Monks

Verse 367. He Is A Monk Who Has No Attachment

Verse 368. The Monk Who Radiates Loving-Kindness Radiates Peace

Verse 369. Give Up Lust And Hatred

Verse 370. Flood-Crosser Is One Who Has Giver Up The Fetters

Verse 371. Meditate Earnestly

Verse 372. There Is No Wisdom In Those Who Do Not Think

Verse 373. He Who Is Calm Experiences Transcendental Joy

Verse 374. He Is Happy Who Reflects On Rise And Fall

Verse 375. A Wise Monk Possess His Cardinal Virtues

Verse 376. A Monk Should Be Cordial In All His Ways

Verse 377. Cast Off Lust And Hatred

Verse 378. He Is Peaceful Who Is Free From All Worldly Things

Verse 379. He Who Guards Himself Lives Happily

Verse 380. Your Are Your Own Saviour

Verse 381. With Joy And Faith Try To Win Your Goal

Verse 382. Even A Young Monk, If Devoted, Can Illuminate The Whole World

Verse 383. Be A Knower Of The Deathless

Verse 384. Cultivate Concentration

Verse 385. The Unfettered Person Is A Brahmana

Verse 386. Who Is Contemplative And Pure Is A Brahmin

Verse 387. The Buddha Shines Day And Night

Verse 388. He Who Had Discarded All Evil Is Holy

Verse 389. Harm Not An Arahat

Verse 390. An Arahat Does Not Retaliate

Verse 391. The Well-Restrained Is Truly A Brahmin

Verse 392. Honour To Whom Honour Is Due

Verse 393. One Does Not Become A Brahmin Merely By Birth

Verse 394. Be Pure Within

Verse 395. Who Meditates Alone in the Forest Is A Brahmana

Verse 396. Non-Possessive And The Non-Attached Person Is A Brahmana

Verse 397. A Brahmana Is He Who Has Destroyed All Fetters

Verse 398. A Brahmana Is He Who Has No Hatred

Verse 399. A Brahmana Is He Who Is Patient

Verse 400. A Brahmana Is He Who Is Not Wrathful

Verse 401. He Is A Brahmana Who Clings Not To Sensual Pleasures

Verse 402. A Brahmana Is He Who Has Laid The Burden Aside

Verse 403. A Brahmana Is He Who Has Reached His Ultimate Goal

Verse 404. A Brahmana Is He Who Has No Intimacy With Any

Verse 405. A Brahmana Is He Who Is Absolutely Harmless

Verse 406. A Brahmana Is He Who Is Friendly Amongst The Hostile

Verse 407. A Brahmana Is He Who Has Discarded All Passions

Verse 408. A Brahmana Is He Who Gives Offence To None

Verse 409. A Brahmana Is He Who Steals Not

Verse 410. A Brahmana Is He Who Is Desireless

Verse 411. In Whom There Is No Clinging

Verse 412. Above Both Good And Evil

Verse 413. Learning The Charm

Verse 414. The Tranquil Person

Verse 415. Freed From Temptation

Verse 416. The Miracle Rings

Verse 417. Beyond All Bonds

Verse 418. The Person Whose Mind Is Cool

Verse 419. Diviner Of Rebirth

Verse 420. Destroy Unknown

Verse 421. He Yearns For Nothing

Verse 422. He Who Is Rid Of Defilements

Verse 423. The Giver And Receiver Of Alms

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