Verse 418. The Person Whose Mind Is Cool

Abandoned boredom and delight,
become quite cool and assetless,
a hero, All-worlds-Conqueror,
that one I call a Brahmin True.

Explanation: He has given up lust. He has also given up his disgust for the practice of meditation. This way, he is both lustful and lustres. He has achieved total tranquillity. He is devoid of the blemishes that soil the hand. He has conquered all the world and is full of effort. I call that person a brahmana.

The Story of the Monk who was once a Mime (Verse 418)

This religious instruction was given by the Buddha while He was in residence at Veluvana with reference to a certain monk who was once a mime.

The story is the same as the foregoing, except that on this occasion the Buddha said, “Monks, my son has put aside both pleasure and pain”


Treasury of Truth: Illustrated Dhammapada – 423 Verses

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