Verse 108. Worshipping An Unblemished Individual Is Noble

Whatever one who merit seeks
should for a year make sacrifice,
all comes not to a quarter part
of honouring the Noble.

Explanation: In this world, an individual seeking merit may give alms and offerings during a religious festival. Or else that person may conduct an elaborate sacrifice for a whole year. But the merit from all those activities put together is not even one-fourth the merit one gets by paying homage to a person who walks straight – an arahat.

The Story of Venerable Sariputta’s Friend (Verse 108)

While residing at the Veluvana Monastery, the Buddha spoke this verse, with reference to a friend of Venerable Sariputta.

The Venerable approached him and asked him, “Brahmin, do you ever do a single good deed?” “Yes, Venerable.”

“What do you do?” “I offer sacrificial slaughter” (At that time, we are told, it was the custom to offer sacrificial slaughter at an expenditure of immense sums of money)

The Venerable, after questioning his companion in that manner, conducted him to the Buddha, informed him of the incident, and said to him, “Venerable, tell this man the way to the World of Brahma.”

The Buddha asked him, “Brahmin, are you correctly reported?” “Yes,” replied the brahmin.

“Brahmin, though you should offer sacrificial slaughter for a year, yet would your act not be worth the fourth part of the act of him who, with believing heart, gives alms on the people, or of those who, with good intention, render homage to my disciples.”


Treasury of Truth: Illustrated Dhammapada – 423 Verses

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