Anapana Meditation

Anapana is an old Indian word which means respiration.

Anapana meditation is the awareness of the breath coming in and going out.

Meditation Technique

  1. Sit in comfortable position with your back and your neck straight.
  2. If you wear glasses take them off.
  3. Keep your eyes gently closed.
  4. Keep your mouth closed.
  5. Focus all you attention on the entrance of the nostrils.
  6. Remain aware of the natural breath as if comes in, as it goes out.
  7. Don’t try to control or count the breath.
  8. Don’t add any word or imagination of any kind.
  9. When the mind wanders away, bring it gently back to the awareness of your breath.

Try to remain aware of each and every breath that comes in and goes out.

Benefits of Anapana Meditation

  • Improves concentration
  • Increases alertness
  • Develops control over the mind
  • Memory becomes clearer
  • Improves decision-making ability
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Agitation, fear, tension, nervousness and stress decrease
  • Increases ability to understand others and to express oneself
  • Mind becomes healthy, wholesome and strong
  • One becomes full of good wishes for others.

In order to feel these benefits in your life, practice for 10-15 minutes, twice a day.


Metta means “loving kindness”

You can practice Metta for a minute or two after Anapana Meditation by mentally repeating the following words:

  • May I be happy, be peaceful
  • May my mother be happy, be peaceful
  • May my father be happy, be peaceful
  • May my brothers and sisters be happy, be peaceful
  • May all my relatives and friends be happy, be peaceful
  • May all my neighbors be happy, be peaceful
  • May all people of my country be happy, be peaceful
  • May all people of the world be happy, be peaceful
  • May all beings be happy, be peaceful

The five Precepts

  1. I abstain from killing any living beings
  2. I abstain from taking what is not given
  3. I abstain from sexual misconduct
  4. I abstain from saying what is not true
  5. I abstain from taking in drinks and drug that are intoxicating and cause forgetfulness

You may like to keep these five precepts in your daily life. They will help you in your meditation and also help you lead a happy and harmonious life.

Anapana Meditation for Children and Teenagers


Anapana Meditation for children and teens

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