Verse 153. Seeing The Builder of The House

Trough many of samsara’s births
I hasten seeking, finding not
the builder of this house:
pain is birth again, again.

Explanation: This tour, this cycle of existence, has run through numerous births without encountering, the builder, the creator of the world and self. For repeated birth is painful.

Venerable Ananda’s Stanzas (Verses 153 & 154)

This religious instruction was spoken by the Buddha while he sat at the foot of the Bodhi-tree (Tree of Enlightenment) by way of solemn speech (Udana) and at a later time was recited to Venerable Ananda in answer to a question.

For the Buddha, sitting at the foot of the Bodhi-tree, before the setting of sun, had overcome the force of Mara; in the first watch, drove away the darkness that veils previous states of existence; in the middle watch, acquired supernatural vision; and in the last watch, out of pity for living beings, by focussing his thoughts on dependent originations and meditating on it both forwards and backwards, at sunrise he obtained complete enlightenment. Thereupon, he breathed forth a solemn declaration common to countless number of Buddhas.

Treasury of Truth: Illustrated Dhammapada – 423 Verses

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